The GABIC company was established in 1990, specializing in production of national, corporate, political party and advertising flags and accessories for them, high quality full-colour wide format digital print on fabric for flags.

Why to order flags from GABIC Ltd.?

  • Because GABIC Ltd. produces for You the strongest and most qualitative flags in Bulgaria!
  • Because GABIC Ltd. invests a lot of precision in the smallest details!
  • Because GABIC Ltd. prints flags with the same color saturation on both sides and with brilliant bright colors!
  • Because GABIC Ltd. prints flags at the same price regardless of the number of colors!
  • Because GABIC Ltd. now produces the flags with the strongest and most qualitative flag fabric in Europe and the world, without changing our prices!
  • Because GABIC Ltd. works with machines and materials at European and world level!


  • Flag fabrics

    We now import directly the best flag fabrics from Germany.
    This is one of the guarantees that the fabrics, produced in GABIC Ltd. are the strongest and most qualitative in Bulgaria.

  • Flag printing

    Gabic Ltd. installed a new machine for flag printing - "ROLAND - ATP COLOR".
    This plotter is the highest class for direct printing on textile.
    The print is full colour, digital, sublimation, large format.
    The flags that we produce have very bright and long lasting colours.
    Characteristic for this machine is the perfect printing and equal saturation of colours on both sides of the flag.